The Process & Steps


Intended Parent(s) provide a detailed requirements overview to Hello World Surrogacy with a series of face to face meetings, video calling and phone conferences.


At Hello World Surrogacy our potential Gestational Carriers (Surrogates) go through stringent physiological and medical screening by our medical partners to ensure they are suitable for Surrogacy as well as full background checks. We have a very strict criteria.


Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) profiles matched using our suitability matching process are shared with our Intended Parent(s).


The  Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) and Intended Parents(s) are introduced normally through a physical meeting or via video calling. Once the financials, legal contracts have been signed all of which are facilitated by Hello World Surrogacy the exciting stages can begin.


The Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) will begin her IVF medications, the transfer of the embryo will take place, normally after the 8-12 weeks the surrogate will be assigned to her OB-GYN for observation and care for the remaining part of her pregnancy. Hello World Surrogacy will constantly    be providing navigation support to both the Intended Parent(s) and the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate).


The Hello World Surrogacy team will be carefully monitoring the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) from 36 weeks to ensure all is ready for the ”Big Day”. We will be able to support in accommodation requirements for our Intended Parent(s) as well as the facilitation of the Pre Birth orders via our attorney partners.

Birth & Post Birth

Once the beautiful baby is born, Hello World Surrogacy will be there to  support the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate). With our Parent(s) we will be there to provide the core resources and guidance from newborn care to birth registration and passports.