Becoming a Gestational Carrier (Surrogate)

Choosing to carry for Intended Parent(s) is wonderfully generous and rewarding. At Hello World Surrogacy we know that the mental, physical and emotional health of the Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) is a very important factor in the surrogacy process. We are committed to our Gestational Carriers (Surrogates) and provide highest level of support and care. Starting at fertility treatments, through pregnancy, birth and post-birth.

Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) Requirements

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Between the ages of 21-40 years of age
  • Have given birth to at least one child of your own, with no past pregnancy and delivery complications
  • Have full or joint custody of your children
  • Must cooperate and pass background, psychological and medical screenings and tests
  • Cannot be primarily reliant upon state financial aid
  • Have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Have reliable transportation to doctor appointments and hospital
  • Have the full support of spouse/partner
  • You must not use drugs, or smoke
  • You must not live in a home with any drug use, smoking or alcohol abuse
  • Must be willing to commit to the medical and IVF process

Interested in being a Gestational Carrier (Surrogate)?  Complete the form below, or for more information contact us