Intended Parents


At Hello World Surrogacy we provide the framework of support and knowledge for you to be able to focus on the important exciting matters of bringing your new baby home.

Our structure and ethos is orientated around providing the right support at the right time ensuring we draw in all our knowledge and experience with our partners to provide the best overall experience for our Intended Parent(s) and Gestational Carriers (Surrogates).

We use all our multi layered techniques to ensure we match our Intended Parent(s) with the right Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) making sure the Intended Parent(s) feel connected and supported during the whole end to end process.

The emotional, mental and physical heath of our Gestational Carriers (Surrogates) and our ”Parents to be” are utmost concern.

Let us at Hello World Surrogacy be your guide, trust us to help you have the magical experience of having your new baby.

We work with clients from around the world, with our main central offices in Palm Springs, California, USA

We take the confidentiality of all our Intended Parent(s) as our first priority ensuring our clients feel protected at all times.